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Dry Ice

Our plant has a capacity 1 ton dryice production per hour. Our dryice unit is fully imported and was put into service in 2000. Dryice is a compressed mass of dry gas obtained by pressing liquid carbon dioxide gas under 15 Bar pressure at 79°C. CO2 gas exists in atmospheric environment. So it is important and necessary as much as oxygen. It is obtained as pure gas from 500 meters underground completely harmless to the environment and the earth. It is completely environmental and it has no waste material.

The features and known major uses of Dry ice:The features and known major uses of Dry ice:


  • Colorless, odorless, and does not contain moisture (water).
  • Obtained by pressing liquid carbon dioxide gas under 15 Bar pressure at 79°C.
  • Original production 25 cm x 25cm size cube shape.
  • Can be formed in desired size by custom chrome ice-­-cutting machines.
  • Moved and stored in dry ice containers or styrofoam.
  • Can stay for 2 days at room temperature and for 3 days in dry ice containers or styrofoam without evaporation.
  • Because of the stifling feature, it destroys bacteria, insects and pests. Provides a hygienic environment.
  • It is 1.50 times heavier than air, so inhalation of gas is unfavorable.
  • Definitely should be moved with gloves or special handling clamp.
  • Skin, eye contact or ingestion certainly harmful to human health.


  • Beverages and beverage sector :
  • Food industry:
    Stored food industry (It is used for storage of pizza, chicken, frozen foods, all kinds of vegetables and fruits without losing their properties for a long time.)
  • Greenhouse sector: 
    The most important substance for plants is CO2 so dry ice is used in greenhouse sector both the solid and gas phase.
  • Benefits:
    Because of the stifling feature, it destroys bacteria, insects and pests.
    • Plants’ yield increases 3 times because they can easily get CO2 they need.
     The most critical substance of organic farming all over the world. Because it removes pests by natural way instead of drugs and also it is a substitute for fertilizer. It contributes both our farming and economy by increasing yield of products 3 times. 
     At open farming, while drugging the products, using of CO2 instead of air will increase the efficiency of drugging 2 times.
    • Cooling and freezing areas :
      Cooling and freezing areas: Since 1975, at all airlines, sea routs and railways keeping of food and drinks until the usage thanks to the dry ice. It provides frozen foods delivered or exported long distances without deterioration. In industry dry ice is used in all kinds of metal weldings. The solid form of dry ice is used instead of blasting method which is unusable because of its waste. Sprayed dry ice granules can be used at every surface and area with zero damage.
    • Pharmaceutical Industry:
      In this industry dry ice is generally used in gas phase. Especially it exists in drugs that are used very often as aspirin, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, methanol etc.
    • Fisheries Sector:
      Especially during summer, protection and transport of fresh fish is very difficult. Dry ice provides the most effective and hygienic solution to this issue. It freezes the fish as well as prevents bacterial growth. Also it is one of the main gases which divers use in their tubes.
    • Ice Cream Industry:
      Nowadays dry ice is one of the most important method for storage and transport of ice cream companies because of its preventing bacteria growth property and freezing property.

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