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Our Analysis Laboratory

Every kind of devices is present in our laboratory in our production facilities in Kemerhisar / Niğde related with production and product analysis. Every CO2 analysis are made that TSE requires and the analysis that are required during the production process are also made with a program. The purity value of the CO2 which is produced taken by analysis is delivered to the recipient as a report with every delivery.

The CO2 gas produced in our facilities has the documents of TS 11336, 2603, 14339 EN 25923, the document of adequacy to production, the Permission of Food Production File of the Ministry of Agriculture and Village Businesses, ISO 9001:2000 document; and the Purity Adequacy Document given by METU, İstanbul University and Atlantic Analytical Laboratory. We try to provide the customer appreciation with this analysis repeated every year.

We have the Title of the Purest Gas of Gas Turkey with a CO2 purity of 99.999%.

CO2 Safiyeti % 99,999 olarak Türkiye'nin En Saf Gazı Unvanına Sahiptir.